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Top 50 Best Android Apps 2018

A web browser is the most used program on smartphones or computer. Many people do not wish to find out a little more about the browser they are using. They rely on the pre-installed programs on their mobile phones or computer only. It is not always necessary that a popular browser will always be the best. The selection of a browser depends on your browsing preferences. Let us have a look at some best browsers that can give you a wonderful browsing experience.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser is one of the preferred and best browsers for your Android with super fast loading time, Ad Blocker, incognito browsing, tab bar and Flash Player. Once you get used to browsing through Dolphin browser, you will certainly feel other normal mobile internet slow.

Dolphin browser offers excellent features like

  • Sonar
  • Gestures
  • Add-ons sidebar and Bookmarks
  • Flash Player
  • Personalized search
  • Multiple Tabs (bar)
  • Pop up blocker
  • Fast download
  • Private/Incognito browsing


Firefox indeed is a small package with enormous benefits. It is faster, user-friendly and secure web browser. Firefox offers a clean interface as compared to other popular web browsers. It also gives you faster download speed. The best thing about this browser is that it consists of a lot of features that users using other browsers are well acquainted with. In fact, many other new browsers have incorporated similar features of Firefox like tabbed browsing, bookmarks toolbar, switch between multiple websites etc.

Firefox takes care of the privacy and takes your browsing experience to the next level.


Opera is known for creating extremely innovative web browsers. Opera is quite appealing with tabs that are square in shape with a bit rounded corners. The tabs in the background shrink so that you can have a clear view of what you are browsing through. It has a new feature added which is a super cool pop out tool that allows you to play a video in a separate window on your desktop.

The best part about this browser is that it doesn’t actually need a browser restart and it takes care of your privacy and security.


Chrome is certainly the perfect browser and a complete package, what more you can ask for? It has everything that you need for safe, secure and fast browsing. The browser is absolutely perfect with quick start and you will notice the lightning speed while downloading. Simplicity is something that sets it apart from other browsers. You can search as well as navigate through same box and arrange the tabs according to your preferences. It is so quick and simple. Chrome also gives you secure browsing experience as it in-built malware protection with auto-updates so that you get updated security fixes and much more.


Big Oven

If you love cooking then this App is for you. Big Oven has a stock of nearly 350,000 with grocery list and an attractive menu planner. It is a treat for all home cooks who love cooking to the core. Big Oven App provides great cooking ideas right after you open the app. You can view what others are making including your friends and family. A single tap can help you share or save a recipe.

Search is extremely fast and you can click the photo of a family recipe and Big Oven uploads the photo for you. You can share grocery list or filter out the items by recipe or department. Get ready to comment or receive comments on your recipes. If you have something left in your fridge, simply type in any three ingredients and Big Oven App will suggest you what best you can make out of it.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is a perfectly designed app to add the delight to your cooking experience. It is a food focus app that has been successful in building a network of nearly 30 million home cooks who also help other cooks to cook and enjoy different recipes.

The latest version of this app has improved features like feeds that allow you to cook smarter      and save recipes. Enhanced search options can help you search using keywords/ingredients, dietary needs, and which ingredients you can include and which not. You can also use this app to save your favourite recipes and organize them for future reference.

Step by step cooking video tutorials allow you to learn how to make the recipe in an interesting way.


Indeed best place to search for recipes shared online by various home cooks. Cookpad App allows the users to search, save, publish photos and recipes or share them privately with your family or friends through the new chat feature. Cooking for you will not be a lonely affair, but you will enjoy cooking with others.

Cookpad has tons of recipes to select from drinks, appetizers, main dishes, desserts, soups, stews and diet recipes etc. If you allow cookpad to access the pics on your phone, you can also retrieve cooking photos from past three years right in the App right next to your published /saved recipes.

You can search recipes by title, meal type, ingredients etc. Easy to bookmarks recipes, can find seasonal recipes for Christmas dinners, Halloween and Thanksgiving.


SideChef is a perfect cooking app that offers easy, fun and easily accessible cooking methods. The App actually trains you to learn cooking through instructions, video tutorials, voice commands etc. Right from searching for recipes to purchase ingredients to do the preparations and finally celebrating the successful completion of each meal is well organized through this app. SideChef helps home cooks to improve their cooking skills, no matter whether you are at intermediate level or advanced level; you have the room to enhance your cooking skills through this app.

The App has many features like integrated timers, collection of more than 4000 recipes, rate recipes, featured recipes directly from popular bloggers and chefs, easy conversion while changing the size of servings and the ingredients is done automatically.

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is a complete cooking app with baking, recipes, healthy cooking and many more. You can learn easy cooking tips through this app. The App will make it comprehensive to learn through step by step instructions, video tutorials, photos etc.

Easy to follow recipes with a variety in collection of recipes will make cooking a fun. You can search for 20 minutes recipes like Pasta variations, gluten free recipes, HD video guides and new recipes that arrive every week on the app will have so much for you to explore.

You will get shopping lists that is generated automatically for you to save in reminders so that you can cook your meal with proper planning. You can also use its special feature that is measurement converter.

Health and Fitness


Fitnotes App is a fantastic workout tracker which comes with a clean design and simple interface. If you are a fitness freak you would certainly want such an app that helps keeping track of your workout sessions and navigate your workout logs on a daily basis. You can use this app to add an exercise to the daily workout log and then simply record the number of reps and weights, distance as well time. You can simply swipe while recording the sets to look through the workout session with the exercise. You can also add some comments with each sets. The app also has feature that include rest timer with vibration and sound options.

The App helps you record almost everything that you practice during your workouts. It can be right from cardio, Abs training, Olympic lifts, resistance to any other new exercise that you include in your fitness regime.

Couch to 5K

 Couch to 5K is a perfect app for the beginners in running. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of inexperienced runners who are just engaged in on or the other type of exercise routine.

The app motivates the beginners so that they do not give up on their exercise regime and face the challenges happily. The app is perfect package as it is a combination of walking, running and eventually stamina and strength building to completely running 5K.

The App also includes music from top DJ’s to motivate the beginners and help them get going. The App is compatible with Google Fit. The beginners can also enjoy the new skins and looks and you can choose any colour scheme you want. While training, you can listen to your favourite music. Enhanced audio coach as well as alerts is available too. Meet other runners through online community as the App has integrated        Twitter and Facebook communities too.

Endomondo- Walking and Running

You can keep track of your rides, walks, runs and a lot more by using the app Endomondo. It is one of the top rated personal training and fitness tracker app. With this app it becomes easy to track the workouts with the help of GPS, check the stats and attain your fitness goals.

You can get a lot of things to avail for free through this app and they are

  • Track your walking, cycling, running and more than 40 different sports with GPS.
  • Monitor the speed, calories, distance, duration and more via your workout summary.
  • You can get audio feedback on speed and distance on per mile/km basis.
  • Indoor workouts can be recorded manually.
  • You can also monitor your heart rate.
  • Maintain a log for the entire day’s workout
  • Check how much you work out every day
  • Evaluate your performance for each workout


Clue is a helpful period as well as ovulation tracker app that are based on science & data to help you figure out the patterns of your menstrual cycle. You can use Clue app to set an reminder about your ovulation, period, PMS and fertility.

The app is rates as one of the best health app by Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ACOG). Clue helps you to find out when your next period is due, reminds you through reminders in calendars about next periods in advance as well regarding your ovulation and PMS. You can also keep a track of your pain, sex, cervical fluids, moods etc. Record your birth control or simply plan your pregnancy using this app.

There are plenty of ways to monitor your health including hair, skin, sleep, exercises, emotions, cramps etc; you can analyze your past and current menstrual cycles to monitor the trend. It is fastest period tracker.

Google Fit

Track any activity with ease through Google Fit App. While you cycle, run, walk the entire day, your Android Wear Watch or phone monitors everything automatically and records then via Google Fit.

Get immediate instant details. View stats for your walks, runs and rides. Google Fit will instantly record your route, elevation, space, speed etc so that these stats keep you motivated to get going. Achieve your fitness goals and set your goals based on the time, distance, steps and calories burned. You can also get customized recommendations for your fitness goals. You can monitor your wellness on a regular basis.



If you are fond of music and you can’t live without music then MediaMonkey is the App that allows you to manage, navigate and sync collection of large music. You can sync wirelessly with MediaMoney. Manage your playlists, videos and tracks with file ratings, history, lyrics etc in sync. You can easily manage your music through this app including classical music, Podcasts, Video and Audio books.

You can also navigate through Composer, Genre, Album, and Artist with great support for different attributes like Rock etc. Navigating through folder is also possible and you can play any music with replay gain and an equalizer.

Sleep timer, facility to play widgets for lock screen or home screen, manage multiple music files, management of playlist with hierarchy and edit properties of multiple or single files are some of the many features of this app. You will enjoy the real music the right way using this app.


Neutron is an entirely professional and reliable music player app for audiophiles. It offers a 32/64 bit platform OS free audio rendering superb engine which offers high quality sound right on your Android phone.

The unique feature that this app offers is its DSP effects, which is not available in any other music apps. The app can easily read the music files stored on any device with any local storage including SD card too or from network sources like FTP, SMB, CIFS, DLNA etc and transfer it to USB DAC, headphones or Chromecast renderer without any limitations of file formats with entire DSP effects. It supports libraries with large media, has a clock and folder mode and many more features to unleash.

PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro is a wonderful, natural and fast interface with amazing audio configuration options. Also you get to choose from a wide range of plugins to add to its features. DSP Pack, Skins, Widget Pack and many more come with this music app. You can browse and play your favourite music y albums, genres, songs, artists, playlists, composers, album artists and folders.

The app includes video browser/player and also has auto support for Android. You can create the your personal music library with your favourite album artwork, composer pictures, artists and genre details that you can anytime retrieve from different sources like Gallery app, SD card, Internet etc. You can customize the entire layout with list views or grid views.


Poweramp as it name suggests is certainly the powerful music player for your Android. The app comprise of a lot of amazing features as listed below

  • Plays mp4,mp3, wma, wav, wv, flac, tta, aiff, mpc etc
  • Crossfade
  • Replay gain
  • Gapless
  • Separate treble adjustment and bass adjustments
  • Dynamic queue
  • Play songs from personal library or folders
  • Tag editor
  • Faster library scan
  • Lock screen that is configurable
  • Scrobbling
  • Superb customization through settings
  • Tag editor and many more


N7player is an innovative approach to browse and play your favourite music. It offers latest features with a user-friendly interface. You get quick access to the latest songs and your favourite songs which give you a better control over the entire process. This app is very easy to app and is ideal for beginners but its numerous benefits also impress the advanced users.

The music will be at your finger tips with n7player as you can access the entire library in an easy way. It supports almost all the formats of music files. You will experience it’s amazing audio with 10-band equalizer. It comes with different presets to select from and you can create your own albums and enjoy high quality music. Tune in and make treble and bass adjustments according to your preferences, adjust the channel balance, work with volume adjustments and set up everything the way you like.

Reading and News


Flipboard app brings in the stories from all over the world on your finger tips. If you are passionate about staying updated with current affairs this is the place to get the best news.

It covers news from all sectors like technology, Halloween, travel, fashion and food etc. All niches are covered to get you one place where you can read and share stories too. You can simply choose your area of interests and Flipboard will create a Smart Magazine from where you can access the news that interests you.

You will get to read the stories published in most popular publications like Forbes, Rolling Stone, The New York Times etc.

BBC Today

BBC Today is a perfect app for all news lovers. You get all sorts of news here right from stories to breaking news received from team of trusted journalists from all over the world. You can search for stories or news that interests you from Technology, Health, Entertainment, Business etc.

You can enjoy reading most searched and most liked stories. Live BBC and different insights from the journalists is accessible 24X7 and you can listen to a background while you are browsing. You can access full range of video and audio along with photo galleries and images in full screen.


MSN News

MSN News app offers the latest top stories as well as breaking news collected from best news sources and hand-picked by talented editors. You can stay updated on the topic or stories you are interested in for example global events, local news etc.

The content displayed on this app is comprehensive and you get news from different niche sectors like Sports, Entertainment, Crime, Technology, politics etc.

If you love a sports team, a celebrity or simply a gadget, you can save your interests and get daily update on news and related happenings.

You simply cannot miss on any breaking news when you are using this app so always stay tuned for latest updates on this app.

News Republic  

New Republic App ensures that you get updates minute by minute on a daily basis regarding the breaking news, news headlines and coverage that is received through nearly 2,500 completely trusted and licensed news sources from all over the world.

Get the World News, Global Finance, NFL, Politics, Entertainment, celebrity news etc at a lightning speed at your finger tips. You can view full articles, videos and photos in this app. keep yourself updated with each and every news that is trending.

The Guardian

The Guardian is a free app that captures the picture of every minute for you. You can stay updated with everything that happens in U.S. right from news to entertainment and sports through culture and technology.

You can personalize your screen with the topics that attract you; you can news alerts plus breaking news instantly. You can save the stories you like and read it offline later. The app is absolutely free for you to use. You can also contribute your stories.

Social Media and Communication

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is basically the Facebook app that helps you to have text conversation with your friends on the social network. It is an amazing app that lets you send and receive messages while you are engaged in conversations.

You can also share your location, images along with text messages.


WhatsApp is the popular way of communication these days and used for both personal and professional communications. It is a free app compatible with Android and many other devices. You can share videos, files, photos, text messages through Whatsapp.

WhatsApp allows you to call your friends. All you need is an internet connected and you can start using WhatsApp.

Google Hangouts

You can use the Google Hangout app for staying in touch with your friends. You can start voice calls, free video calls and you can easily switch between your conversations from one person to another. You can work with videos, emoji, animated GIFs, photos, videos, maps etc during the hangouts.

You can message your contacts even when they are offline and they will get your messages as soon as they are online.


You can take the snapshots of your messages using the app Snapchat just like how you take screenshots or use a camera to click photos. It is more of multimedia friendly app and quite interactive. You can interact with your loved ones through multimedia message system. You can even share live events, record events like video messages, which will eventually erase off within seconds.

You can choose the duration to which you want the stickers, snapshots available to your friends.


Skype is a wonderful app that allows you to send voice messages, make audio and video calls, send photo and files, emoticons and a lot more. You can also engage in group chat. Skype helps call landlines, mobiles numbers by making audio and video calls.

The Skype to Skype call is absolutely free. You can share the highlights of the day with your friends.



Amazon is a popular shopping portal wherein you can get almost everything you want at a reasonable price and when you have an Amazon app, it makes much easier to shop from anywhere.

The Amazon app is absolutely free to use and it offers amazing shopping experience without any hassles. You can simply search for the products who wish to purchase and order them. The images available here are appealing and you can also get personalized recommendations for your shopping needs.

You can also share the product link with your family and friends through Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. All your payment transactions are absolutely secured.


Shopping through eBay app is fun and you get choose from best selling clothing beauty, electronics, home and many more brands. You can browse through attractive deals and save a lot of money through online shopping and free delivery on certain deals. You will love using this app as it helps you do secure online shopping and love browsing through the various brands available on this portal.


You can choose and order from millions of brands available through Etsy app. You can explore the world of brands and products and would be amazed to see how this app works.

Etsy app allows you to save different items as well as shops as your favourites and check them later. You will get instant notification once your order is being shipped. You can communicate with the shop owners directly and answers from them. The payment options available are safe and secure.


Groupon app helps you save 70% on the items that you need on a daily basis. The great deals and discounts help you save a lot of money. The Groupon app allows you to avail promo codes as well as alerts for special savings for deal available near you, instantly on your cell phone. You can buy and redeem your Groupon deals through your mobile phone so no hassles of printing the vouchers or maintaining the coupons.

You can also get best deal on your travel coupons and you can enjoy discounts to stay in best hotels at exotic destinations.


Get 50-80% discounts on latest trending products from what you actually pay when you buy through local stores. This is possible through Geek app which is the best shopping app for all shoppers.

Geek app gives you smart shopping option and you would find best deals on electronics, speakers, watches, headphones, car accessories etc.


Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus app helps you protect your mobile against malware and antivirus attack. It is absolutely free app to use and is the most trusted antivirus for Android. The app features

  • App Lock
  • Anti-theft
  • Power save
  • Call Blocker
  • Photo Vault
  • Permissions for privacy
  • Wifi scanner
  • Speed test for W-fi
  • Firewall
  • Charging screen

The App cleans the unwanted data, gallery thumbnails, system caches, residual files and installation files. We shield enclosed in this pack enables blocking links that are infected by malware.


McAfee is a completely free antivirus app and a truly an amazing virus cleaner that not only protects your Android device or tablet but also improves its performance. It comes with loads of feature like

  • Lost phone finder
  • Anti-theft
  • App privacy protection
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Antivirus
  • Virus Removal
  • Anti-malware
  • SMS Backup
  • Back up contacts
  • Performance optimization
  • Security features


It is one of the best app and trusted security solution for your Android devices. The app can be downloaded for free and helps you keep your Android devices totally secure from virus threats. The features of this app are

  • It carries out a background check wherein it checks for Trojans, spyware and viruses.
  • It offers antivirus protection and cleans the viruses and blocks the incoming virus or malware from phones and tablets automatically.
  • Offers a secret code for the App lock
  • Tracks and identifies your phone in case it is stolen or lost
  • It also has call blocker, Anti-Phishing and anti-theft features


This app is highly popular among governments and companies all over the world. This app is effective in protecting the Android device and takes care of your privacy without affecting the performance of phone’s battery life. The app itself is scanned for different malware automatically in order to prevent your data loss. The app also offers the feature to lock your phone remotely or simply erase it to protect your important data.

It offers malware protection, Web filtering, Loss and theft protection, Spam protection and many other features that help you get total mobile security.


Norton Security and Antivirus is a complete package for mobile security and indeed an app that protects your Android, tablet or any other smartphone from virus attack.

It offers SMS feature to lock your phone in case it is lost or stolen. You can also select the option to lock your phone automatically after 10 failed attempts to unlock. You can search for your device on the map remotely.

It takes care of the privacy and security of your data and helps you stay stress free.


Google Trips

Google Trips is an excellent app that can act for you as a travel guide. If you are planning to visit a destination, then this app can help you find necessary information and provide suggestions on day plans, travel reservations, itinerary from Gmail.

This app will offer trip organization that is done automatically. Each trip comprise of things to do, day plans, food & drink and relevant suggestions on many more things you need during the trip.

You can view the series of reservation you need at one place like flight, booking a rental car, booking a restaurant etc. Day plans are available for you to decide and customize them according to your needs. You can also find the nearest attractions with reviews from different travellers. The best thing is that this app is also available offline so if you don’t have internet, you can still can use this app.


Airbnb is the perfect travel app that can make your trips memorable. You can explore travel adventures and new far away as well as close destinations to you. You can either book everything you need to plan a trip or can also be a host and earn money.

This app helps you book vacation homes too across 191 plus countries. You can search by amenities, price or nearby places.

You can get advice from local experts on the best places to visit including bars, secret spots etc. You can also check for last minute booking for accommodations etc.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight app is the perfect choice to find great deals on hotel booking. It is quite simple to access the list of hotel that suits your budget. This app also helps you get last moment deals. You can book ratings, photos and reviews from travellers. You can get the list of best hotels. The app allows you to add your favourite hotels after checking their availability.

Everything that you are looking for regarding hotel booking is here. You can thoroughly enjoy your stay and trip with the best hotels booked without any hassles.


This app is a perfect place to plan your travel smartly. This travel app helps you search then compare and book cheap hotels, flights or car rentals anywhere, anytime you want for the next trip. The app is completely free to use and is available in more than 30 languages.

The app also sends out alerts for great price drops on flights. You will automatically get notified when there is drop in price of fights.

You can compare the price and days when the flight rates drop down and fly at cost effective rates. You can search for car rental, hotels and everything you need during a trip.


Triplt is the best app to organize all your touring plans. You can simply send the confirmation emails for travelling to Triplt and the app will create a perfect itinerary for every trip. You can access the travel plans from anywhere and at anytime at no cost.

You can access the travel plans and share them with your family or friends. Triplt will help you reduce the frustrations that you go through to last minute changes in flight timings. Triplt app looks for an alternate flight for you.

Image editing apps

Google Snapseed

Google Snapseed is one of the amazing apps that help in not only cropping and tools to rotate image, but also offers options that lets the in-depth modification of a particular image. It lets the user focus on the brightness and curves. It is a useful app for portrait photos and selfies. The app works great for abstract or a plain background instead of out open on the street.

The app has a range of filters that are fully customizable. It has a wonderful feature which helps identify the face in photos and completely change the direction they are facing.

Adobe Photoshop express

The app is a presentation of the collection of best tools from Adobe for photo editing. You can select a photo that already exists on your phone or you can also take a picture using the camera. You will see best editing tools from Adobe like red-eye correction, crop, rotate and adjustment for brightness.

It has smart filters that helps the users to correct the common issues related to images like fogging, colour temperature and exposure problems.


If you are someone who love taking endless selfies, then Facetune app can be a better companion. The app will help you adjust the colours, correct the imperfections if any whiten teeth and you can change your face completely with a couple of swipes and taps. You can simply choose a tool, swipe to learn through the tutorial and apply the effect you want directly to your picture with the finger.


Prisma is perfect if you want to replicate certain artistic styles. You may find a limited number of filters for free, but they are worth trying. You can share your creativity with your friends through Prisma feed or save it to your phone and share with your friends through email.

Prisma is indeed a great app to try and play around to discover impressive creations.


VSCO is an app that you would find it like an upgrade version of Instagram because it includes a community feature that allows you to follow other photographers using VSCO.

VSCO has tools that are equivalent to the superb tools from Android image editing app that includes contrast, exposure, temperature correction etc. it also offers an impressive alignment tool that allows straightening horizons.

The number of filters is less, but they are adjustable through simple slider.

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